We believe that conducting such an event will give our community opportunities to not only showcase a wide variety of people and ideas but also to have a different perspective and connect to the local and global community. The event will be held over the course of one day, 1st September at St. John's Medical College. We hope to integrate a diverse range of perspectives by inviting speakers from various backgrounds to speak under the umbrella of our theme - “360 degree”. The talks will come together to create a flow that inspires thought and discussion around some basic ideas that we wish to showcase 360 DEGREE.

Our Speakers

Who’s speaking

Smriti Rana

Palliative Care Professional

Kirtana Kumar

Actor, Director, Dramaturg and Film-Maker

Sachin Samson


Harish Bhuvan

Compassionate Clowns - Trainer - Counsellor - Life-Coach

Dr Sr Liza

Resident Doctor at Our Lady Of Grace's Hospital in Sardhana

Kit Patrick

Philosophy of science, epistemology of law, geology and ethics

Anil Abraham


Antony Robert

Doctor at Rainbow Hospital

Anshu Pandey

Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy